My papers available on SSRN here.

Google scholar

2021 “Dutch-speaking Runaway Slaves in New York and New Jersey” New York History

2019  “Two Early Dutch Translations of the U.S. Constitution: Public Meaning in a Transnational Context” Law and History Review 37:3 (July 2019)

2019 “The Impressment of Foreign-born Soldiers in the Union Army” Journal of American Ethnic History  38:3, 76-106. (with Anders Bo Rasmussen and Robert O. Faith).

2018 “Why Historians have Failed to Recognize Mises’s Theory and HistoryReview of Austrian Economics 31.3: 359-372.

2017:  “How the First Ten Amendments became the Bill of Rights” Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 15:2

2017: “A Dutch Confederate: Defending Slavery in a Transnational Context BMGN: Low Countries Review (June, 2017).

2017: “McCloskey’s Dutch Problem: Capitalist Rhetoric and the Economic History of Holland” Journal of Private Enterprise

2016: [Christina Mulligan, Michael J. Douma, Hans Lind, and Brian Patrick Quinn] “Founding-Era Translations of the United States Constitution,” Constitutional Commentary 31.1: 1-53.

2015: “Sorting the Past: The Social Function of Antique Stores as Centers for the Production of Local History,” International Journal of Regional and Local History (2015) 10.2: 1-19. download

2015: [Michael J. Douma and Anders Bo Rasmussen] “The Danish St. Croix Project: Revisiting the Lincoln Colonization Program with Foreign-Language Sources,” American Nineteenth Century History (2015) 15.3: 311-342. download

2015: “The Lincoln Administration’s Negotiations to Colonize African Americans in Dutch Suriname,” Civil War History  (2014) 61.2 111-137. abstract. download.

2014: “Tulip Time and the Invention of a New Dutch American Identity,” American Studies (2014) 53.1: 149-167. download

2013: “Rediscovering Van Raalte’s Church History: Historical Consciousness at the Birth of Dutch American Religion,” Calvin Theological Journal (2014) 49.1: 5-24. download

2013: “Ethnic Identities in a Transnational Context: The Dutch American Reaction to the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902,” South African Historical Journal (2013) 65.4: 481-503. download

“Hoe verder zonder slaven? Het kolonisatie project van Amerikaanse vrijgelaten slaven op de Surinaame plantages, 1862-1866,” Geschiedenis Magazine 4: 14-19. link

“A Black Dutchman and the Racial Discourse of the Dutch in America, 1850-1920,” Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies (2012) 36.2: 143-57. download

“Imagining a New Identity: The Dutch American Immigrant Community, 1845-1875,” Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis [Journal of Social and Economic History] 7.2: 32-55. download

“Holland’s Plan for America’s Slaves”, New York Times view

“Memory and the Myth of Van Raalte: How Holland, Michigan, Remembers its Founding Father,” Michigan Historical Review 36.2: 37-62. download

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