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My article on the history of the word “inflation” at the American Institute for Economic Research

I’m the new book review editor for the Journal of Markets & Morality

I’m the new (2021) book review editor for the Journal of Markets & Morality, published by the Acton Institute. The journal is interested in books about the intersection of religion (specifically but not limited to Catholicism), ethics, and economics, but also theology, history, and other related topics. If you are the author of a new […]

Book Review: Sean Patrick Adams, How Americans Kept Warm in the 19th Century (Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.

In the 18th century, Americans burned a lot of wood to keep their homes warm.  But everything from a log cabin to a brick house had an open fire place with a chimney made of brick or stone. These open fires were quite inefficient. As Adams notes, houses in the Northern states would burn ten […]

Zeno’s Tax Paradox

I wrote a short article for, the website of the Foundation for Economic Education.  

Early Capitalism in the Netherlands

I’ve got a new article up on SSRN. It’s called: McCloskey’s Dutch Problem: Capitalist Rhetoric and the Economic History of Holland  (Journal of Private Enterprise). I am a fan of Deirdre McCloskey, but I also like to be a fierce critic of anyone who attempts to venture into a subject field without mastering the literature.

Writing for The Hill

The folks over at The Hill tell me that they liked my previous piece, and have encouraged me to write for them more often.  Apparently, my article on Trump from Dec 8, 2016, was one of their top 8 contributing articles for 2016. So, today, I sent them something new.

Alexander Trumpilton and the Whigs

I’ve long tried to avoid contributing to the D.C. political echo-chamber, but The Hill asked for me to write something, and I agreed on the condition that I could write about the ever-relevant Whig Party .