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Interview with a Historian

In my ramblings through historical materials on youtube, I came across this fantastics Interview with historian Sir Brian Harrison.  Harrison, former Professor of History at Oxford, talks about coming up as a history student in the 1950s in elite British circles. He reflects a bit on the uniqueness of his situation, and his surprise at […]

History job market experiences: the un-read application

As a historian, I try not to focus my attention on the deeper past  (say more than 50 years ago) and not dwell on my own history.  The history of my experiences in grad school and on the job market might have something to teach others, however.  With this post, I’m initiating a new category […]

Graduate Students and Elite Historian Networks

It is my intuition that the best-placed young historians today come from a small set of elite universities.  But, as Lavar Burton would say, don’t take my word for it.  Take a look at the 2015 article by Clauset, Arbesman, and Larremore, “Systematic inequality and hierarchy in faculty hiring networks”    which shows that the […]

Choose-your-own-adventure in American History job hunting

Page 1: A typical ad: West Pennsyltucky Technical Community College has an opening for a Visiting Assistant Professor of American History at their regional branch campus in Texazona. It’s a 6-6 teaching load with an option to teach extra online courses for $1500 a piece, and you also have to make marketing calls to recruit […]

Historian Wanted

In the May, 2016, issue of the AHA’s magazine Perspectives on History there is an absolute gem of a silly job advertisement.  Well, to echo the text, it is not a “job offering” but a “relationship that would offer income supplementation.” Sounds a bit sketchy. What kind of relationship is this? At any rate, the […]

Views on Job Hunting in VAP-Adjunct-Land

Building on the recent discussion of adjunctification, fair wages, and jobs in academia, I would like to point out just how difficult it is to get a tenure-track job as a history professor. I have spent four years in visiting positions, and while I have some sympathy for adjuncts, I fully support my friend Phil […]