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An article in the Dutch newspaper “NRC” about my research on Dutch-speaking runaway slaves

Does the Super Bowl Come Later Every Year? (let’s look at the data)

Super Bowl LIX (that is, Super Bowl 59) is coming up, and if you are like me, you might be thinking, “isn’t it pretty late in the year for the Super Bowl? I mean, it’s almost spring, right? Well, I decided the plot the date of the progression of the Super Bowl over time and […]

My article on the history of the word “inflation” at the American Institute for Economic Research

Presentation for the Holland (Michigan) Museum

My presentation on “The Legend of the Black Dutchman”

Graphing wait times for the DMV

A Brief History of the Origins of Croquet in America

Unlike the obscure origins of most other American sports, Croquet’s beginning in the United States is quite definite. Well, that is if we believe a newspaper advertisement from 1863, in which Daniel O. Goodrich, proprietor of the Boston Bazaar, claimed to have introduced the game to the American public two years earlier, in 1861.   […]

Who Invented the “Wet Burrito”?

A recent thread on reddit concerned the origin of the “wet burrito.” For those who don’t know, a wet burrito is like a regular burrito, but it is typically eaten on a plate, with a fork, and it is covered in an enchilada sauce. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the 1980s and 1990s, […]

JP Morgan

A business school student tells me he has an interview with J.P. Morgan. Me the historian: “Wait, J.P. Morgan is still alive?”

My article on Dutch-speaking runaway slaves in Geschiedenis Magazine

The full article in Dutch is here.

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