Old Photos of Home

The previous owner of my home sent me some photographs of it from the 1980s. The build date was 1986. Like always, learning history brings up more questions than it answers.

At the time, the house was much smaller. It was a cabin built by and for a retired guy. At some point, they added a deck on the front and right side, they removed the door on the front-center as well. Then then added an addition bedroom above the side deck.

These photos attest that my property was a lot more open a few decades ago. Largely it is pine trees that have filled in the fields around the house. In these old photos, the house and barn are visible from the road near the pond. This is no longer the case.

Most intriguing is the image that includes the barn. It appears that the barn still had its main doors in the 1980s, and that it was in good condition. I’d like to know if those white lines on the barn are eaves/ downspouts, or something else? And what is the white circle. Is it a window, a clock, a decoration?

new doc 2018-01-02 19.58.40_1

A view of the house from the front and left.

new doc 2018-01-02 19.58.40_2

Another view from the front.


new doc 2018-01-02 19.58.40_3

The public pond next door, with my barn on the far left.

new doc 2018-01-02 19.58.40_4

The barn on the left (in good condition, with eaves, doors, etc).  What is the white circle on the barn?  And the house is in the background.

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