Southhampton Island, Canada, 1942

Probably sometime in 1942 or maybe 1943, my grandfather stopped in Southhampton Island  (at the time part of the Northwest Territories) in Canada.

Probably because my grandfather had so many war stories from Europe, he never told the story about visiting the Inuit in northern Canada.

When my grandfather landed in Canada, the United States was busy building a landing strip to help shuttle people and supplies to the United Kingdom.  This landing strip became an airport at Coral Harbor, part of the Crimson Route, a joint U.S.-Canadian effort to ferry planes to Europe. The route was abandoned in 1943.

My grandfather loved people from other cultures. I can imagine him smiling wide with this encounter, happily wearing the Inuit costume and ducking into an igloo. Grandpa loved National Geographic magazine too.  I remember stacks of yellow magazines in his library.

If anyone in Nunavut can identify the other man in the photo, I would be thrilled! Please comment below with the answer.


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