Choose-your-own-adventure in American History job hunting

Page 1: A typical ad: West Pennsyltucky Technical Community College has an opening for a Visiting Assistant Professor of American History at their regional branch campus in Texazona. It’s a 6-6 teaching load with an option to teach extra online courses for $1500 a piece, and you also have to make marketing calls to recruit students. The pay is fixed at 1.2 times the federal poverty level, but your employer assures you that the cost of living is very low if you commute from a trailer in the Ozarks.  The only office space available is in the theater department, technically on the stage, but to the side of the curtain where the audience can’t see  you. Perks include half off a season pass on the local greyhound route.

If you decide to interview for the job, turn to page 36. If you turn down the interview offer, turn to page 93.

Page 36

Congratulations on your new appointment!  You and your U-haul made it safely to Texazona, where you’ve discovered that due to recent budget cuts, the regional branch campus of West Pennysltucky Tech has been closed. A sign on the door to the main 2-story brick, windowless building informs you that all classes have been moved to the main campus in “Jepherson City.”  Do you call the college administration and ask for extra funds to cover the cost of your move? If so, turn to page 45.  If you want to think further about you decision and catch a meal at the International House of Waffles, turn to page 88.


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