Modern-day Barrowman

My copy of Peter F. Copeland’s Early American Crafts and Occupations Coloring Book (Dover Publications, 1994) includes an image of a barrowman, a person responsible for digging up stones and removing them from farmed soil. Anyone who has ever farmed knows how miserable it is to run into a stone.

The foundation stones from a long-gone 19th century home are spread out around my property. Over the years, they migrated and were put to use by various owners for a variety of purposes: cornerstones, foundations for smaller sheds and barns, etc.

Today, like a barrowman of yore, I excavated some of the stone and moved them to my rock pile for future use in building a stone shed .


Part of the patented roll-it-into-the-wheelbarrow method (TM). Further photos redacted due to copyright of the method. Do not try this at home without proper redneck supervision.



Ye olde pile of rocks. Will become a stone shed some day.


Looks like a mile marker. No writings on it. Definitely not gravestones.


This stone is roughly 2×3 cat units big.


Yes, I own a Dover coloring book. Much recommended.


Dust to dust. All of this is nails, shingles, glass, etc., that was once part of the barn. This barrel now weighs 300 lbs.

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