Does the Super Bowl Come Later Every Year? (let’s look at the data)

Super Bowl LIX (that is, Super Bowl 59) is coming up, and if you are like me, you might be thinking, “isn’t it pretty late in the year for the Super Bowl? I mean, it’s almost spring, right?

Well, I decided the plot the date of the progression of the Super Bowl over time and made this nifty graph.

The first Super Bowl was held on January 15th, 1967. The earliest date in the year in which the Super Bowl was ever held was Super Bowl XVIII, which was held on January 18th. The latest date was for Super Bowl LVI, which was held on a February 13th. The line of best fit demonstrates a progression of 0.48 days per year. That is to say, on average, the Super Bowl arrived about half a day every year.

If this progression continues, Super Bowl C (Super Bowl 100), will be held in March. In 670 years or so, the Progression of the Super Bowl will have been complete, as the date of the Super Bowl will have traveled around the entire calendar year, returning to its original January 15th date.

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