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Illustrated Course Notebooks

A few years ago, when I was still controlling the mic at the classroom podium, I gave my class an assignment to make an illustrated notebook, rather than a final paper.  The purpose of this was to encourage students to go through their notes from 15 weeks of class and re-think them, integrate them in […]

Dutch Art Nouveau Month Calendar

In my forthcoming book Creative Historical Thinking (Routledge), I describe many ways in which people have different structural views of time: timelines that go up and down, this way and that; mental images of the week, month, or year, that organize information in different way. This Dutch Calendar has the days running from top to […]

Maryland Colonial 2/3rds of a Dollar

Hipster coffee shops in Maryland only accept cash, but they I can’t get any of them to accept this legal tender, a re-sown 2/3rds of a dollar bill.

Tracking down the descendants

Why do family photographs end up discarded? Why do we find them for sale at antique stores? In many cases, antique store photographs come from the shoebox files of distant relatives or long-ago friends of the photographed. When the owner of the photographs passes away, and a son or daughter rifles through the shoebox, they […]