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A Natural Reserve of History

Spring is in full bloom here in the mountains of Hampshire County, West Virginia. A few irises have popped up, and I’ve got mint growing in the garden. Sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast, I watched a turkey strut through the yard. Days like today are perfect for hosting visitors and talking about the […]

A Trip to the Hampshire County Archives

It started with a deed search. I wanted to learn more about my property’s history.  But fifteen minutes after I had arrived at the Hampshire County Courthouse, I was sitting in the Clerk’s office, chatting with him about history. The clerk showed me his historical treasures: a Civil War letter rescued from Ohio and returned […]

A Field Guide to the Wild American BUD LIGHT CAN, State flower of West Virginia

The Bud Light Can (Canus Budus Litus), is a hardy superabundant species of aluminum can with a range contiguous to the borders of the American lower forty-eight states, Alaska, Hawaii, parts of Canada and Mexico. Occasional specimens have been found in other countries, where it is often considered an invasive species. Reports of a Bud […]

Little Chrome Football Guy

Friends of mine, and readers of this blog (if there are any?) will know that I am renovating a 100 year old barn. It’s hard to tell how many generations have used the barn, but as I excate and renovate, I’ve found layers of old stuff. This is another barn archaeology find today. Its heavy […]

Old Letters in a Log Cabin

Yesterday, I visited a neighbor to look at some letters he found years ago in a log cabin. Mostly from the 1890s, the letters were between a Albert Scanlon and Mollie Smith (later Mollie Scanlon).